The Fruit of Righteousness

17 The fruit of righteousness
will be peace,
and the outcome of righteousness,
calm and security forever. 
18 Then my people will live
in a peaceful dwelling,
in secure homes,
in carefree resting places. 
19 Even if the forest fallss
and the humbled city is laid low, 
20 those who sow beside any stream
will be happy,
sending out ox and donkey to graze.

Isaiah 32:17-20

Righteousness is living rightly – living as God would have us live, because God loves us and wants what’s best for us. What does living rightly look like for you? How would you describe it as Isaiah does here, but using images from our time? What does this passage say to your heart?

Memory Verse –
your rod and your staff –
they comfort me.

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