The Hour of Visitation: I Stand at the Door, Epiphany Sunday

The major issue for you now is faith – to believe that I am acting in you; to surrender your doubts and questions and believe with abandon; to allow things to happen to you and through you.

If you can receive it, this is the vision, this is the new thing – a company of people who believe that I am and that I am acting in their lives and in their history! These are the Acts Adventurers.

I am coming to my church. I speak to the members of my body. As you hear, I will give you a new center of consciousness, a new awareness of my presence. Immediately begin to find brothers and sisters who are being encountered by my presence. Form a nucleus of a new community of love and trust. Let your contagious spirit spread from one to another until my whole body begins to quiver with life. I will reach out to all; to ministers, to elders, to laity on the edge of the church.

This is the hour of visitation for my people. Hear. Respond to the promptings of my Spirit.

Witness to my real presence not only in bread and wine but in the world. Awaken my people to me, “The God Who Comes!”

– Ben Johnson, I Stand at the Door, CTS Press, 1986, 24-25.

If you are local, join us in worship today, on this Epiphany Sunday, at either 10:30am or 5pm.  We will hear the story of the three Magi, who had to have incredible faith, had to surrender their doubts and questions, in order to follow the light – in order to allow things to happen to them and through them.  You will have the opportunity to commit to the Acts Adventure – a life of attending to, conversing with, thinking with and serving with Christ.

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