I In You and You in Me: I Stand at the Door, Day 34

I have been breathing on your consciousness to cause you to turn to me, to hunger for me with your whole heart. I am beginning to receive your loving interest. Don’t try quite so hard or so seriously. I do not want you to strain to love me.

Your mission is now taking shape. It is already a part of you. Remain open to your depths, to the flow of the Spirit within you. It will come in time. Remember, you do not set the time of my visitation. You do not initiate; I do.

Keep asking questions of me. Be prepared for serendipitous answers. Because I do the unexpected, it is important for you to recognize in unlikely providences the work of my Spirit. I often come in the disguise of weakness, poverty, or as a stranger. Be careful not to miss my visit when I appear in unexpected forms.

Do not concern yourself with rejection! I will continue to send you affirmation that you are where I want you. If I have set you here, I will act through you here to achieve my will.

Nor do I want you to compare yourself with others who serve me. You always choose the strong in the area where you are weak to make your comparisons and always feel weak and inadequate. This way of depreciating yourself does not fulfill my will. I have given you gifts that I have not given to others. Use them.

In the future do not treat me as a distant presence, a vague, passionless, uncaring God. Do not equate holiness with distance.

I am in your life, in the ground of your existence. In each day of your life I am coming to you, speaking to you. Do not hold me at arm’s length. Yes, dare to believe I am thinking, feeling, being made tangible through you!

Do not think, however, that you can look in a mirror and see me. Even when others call attention to their sense of my presence in you, their vision and the subsequent affirmation is a matter of faith. You will bear my presence, but “how” and “when” will always be a mystery.

Do you dare believe that I love you? Will I disappoint you? I am now speaking to you, and my word holds deep significance to you – I AM IN YOU!

– Ben Johnson, I Stand at the Door, CTS Press, 1986, 21-22.

11 The LORD, the holy one of Israel
and its maker, says:
Are you questioning meg
about my own children?
Are you telling me what to do
with the work of my hands? 
12 I myself made the earth,
and created humans upon it.
My own hands
stretched out the heavens.
I commanded all their forces. 

3 I will give you hidden treasures
of secret riches,
so you will know that I am the LORD,
the God of Israel, who calls you by name. 

Isaiah 45:11-12, 3

Rest in God’s love for you today.  Trust God’s love for you and how God will use you as she let God’s love infuse you.

Gracious God,
Remind me that you are the God who created me,
who knows me better than anyone,
and that you are the God who loves me,
and calls me by name.
Help me to rest in your love for me.
May I live my life out of its fertile ground.

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