Mission Accomplished – Mission Trip Day Four

Yesterday was our last work day for our trip, and we hit the ground running at 8:30am, with the hope of finishing as much as we could in the time we had.  We learned early in the day, the group coming in after us had special tiling skills and so were getting pulled to another job the agency had that required 1600 square feet of ceramic tile work.  Knowing no groups were lined up to come in after us, we felt extra motivated to get as much done as we could in our final day.

Our first surprise of the day was that our homeowners step-daughter got some of her siblings to come out early in the morning, to move furniture and organize belongings so that we could more easily work in the trailer.  It was a huge and welcome surprise to have our work space ready and waiting for us!

Our morning included the following projects:

  • Finishing drywalling the living room walls.
  • Using spray foam to seal roof gaps in the second bedroom and the exterior of the trailer.
  • Finish insulation installation in the second bedroom and beginning the ceiling drywall.
  • Installing trim in back bedroom and hallway.
  • Texturing the newly drywalled kitchen ceiling.
  • Installing new electrical boxes for light fixtures throughout the trailer.

When we broke for lunch, we decided we would work a couple extra hours to try and finish up as much as we could.  We headed back for a long afternoon of work.

When we wrapped up at 6pm, we had finished all the drywall in the home, plus installed new flooring and trim in the living room and second bedroom, and gotten the flooring started in the kitchen.  When we began the week, Hal our project manager hoped we would just finish the drywall.  We were glad to get a lot more done than he had hoped, especially without another crew coming in behind us right away.  It is hard to fully capture the before and after, but we walked away yesterday knowing we had really transformed this family’s home.

We came back to our host family’s home and cooked up a wonderful meal we shared with one another.  We have so enjoyed getting to know our host family – their hospitality has been such a blessing to us this week.  We have shared so many stories and so much laughter together.  We are so thankful that God had our paths cross this week.


We finished out our day at Braum’s for a yummy ice cream treat and more good conversation.  We have had a wonderful trip – thank you for your prayers and support – we are grateful!

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