The Little Things

Randy Stephens, an HPC Member, wrote this reflection on his first experience of a Sabbath Sunday at HPC in June.  This weekend, we will be having another Sabbath Sunday.  First, join us on Saturday evening, July 8th at 6pm for worship out in our barn and then let that lead you into a time of Sabbath keeping on Sunday, July 9th.  As you will read in an earlier post here, there are lots of possibilities for how you sabbath.  Share with us yours this weekend by posting on social media with the hashtag #HowWeSabbathHPC or by emailing the church office at

I have been thinking of how to spend this day of Sabbath for awhile now. My original thought was to just be “lazy” and do absolutely nothing. This plan was quickly “stifled” when it became apparent that all the normal weekend chores would not wait until tomorrow or next week.

Sitting at The Open Door service last night, it dawned on me how I could reflect on the Sabbath and accomplish my tasks at the same time. Pastor Clare shared a story of her girls chasing fireflies that got her to stop and appreciate life, which got me to thinking. Sabbath isn’t about being “lazy” but is more about enjoying and appreciating the little things.

The Little Things

I’ve decided that as I go about my tasks this day, I will take time to reflect and enjoy the little things that we have every day, but seldom acknowledge. These things are the blessing that God has given us just to exist. The air we breathe, the sunshine that warms our bodies, the sleep/rest time that regenerates our bodies, or the food and drink that nourishes us. Then you put in the intangibles that we forget to enjoy or appreciate. The smell of a freshly mowed lawn, the bees collecting pollen from the flowers and clover to make their sweet honey, and the gentle breeze rustling the leaves on the trees.

As I go about my tasks today I plan on taking the time, as each chore is accomplished, to reflect on those little things.

I think of how amazing God is to have created us to exist in this ever changing world. I think about his desire for us to be able to enjoy it all and still accomplish our given tasks. Today, since I can’t be “lazy”, I will take the time to “smell the roses” and just appreciate everything God does for us everyday.

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